Over the years, our Psychiatric Department has mastered the skills of delivery of one of the finest forms of mental and psychiatric rehabilitation care and this experience has given us the scope to understand our patients better.

Psychiatry with prime focus on recovery is so diverse that it often expects individualized structured approach. We focus on interventions depending upon the need and challenges posed by mental health disorder, person afflicted with mental health disability and the family. This has helped us in achieving various credentials in the field of Mental Health Care. Today we operate in all the varied fields and extended services of mental health.

The Department provides information and statistics about mental health problems related to mental health patients. Our Mental health section is a pleasant recovery home for mental health patients and concentrates on the most important health issues affecting mental health.


Our Consultants

  • Dr. V D. Krishna Ram

    MD. DPM.,

  • Dr. V D K. Aravind

    MD. DPM.,