Oncology deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Cancer. The Department of Oncology has been educating and emphasizing the importance of the incidence and prevalence of Cancer and Carcinogenic agents like tobacco and their harmful effects. This facility is engaged in providing the requisite resources for creating awareness about the need for regular self examination, risk factors and the warning signs of Cancer. Our Surgical Oncology division is vital for the treatment of Cancer of varied types in the ailing patients. Consisting of ultra modern and well-equipped operation theatre along with post-operative Intensive Care Unit, this facility is truly world-class. The Operation Theatre (OT) is furnished with advanced instruments along with a conference hall and online surgical opinions.

We are able to cater and convince a large number of Cancer affected patients by leveraging on the facilities of our Medical Oncology & Haematology Department too. The treatment of childhood cancers, leukemia and lymphomas and a majority of the solid cancers involve chemotherapy, i.e. treatment by medicines, which is used as a combined modality approach along with surgery and radiation therapy. Further, it is also used in selected advanced stage cancers for palliation. Our well-trained staff use infusion pumps & specially designed isolation rooms to take care of the specific requirements of the patients.


Our Consultants

  • Dr. P K. Muthukumarasamy

    MD.,DM(Medical Oncologist)

  • Dr. M. Ramesh

    MS.Mch(Surgical oncologist)