Dental Care


The Department of Dentistry was set up in Shenbagam Hospital several years ago and we have gradually added new facilities and have established ourselves well with recognition. The Dentist and Co-specialist work together as a team so that they can assist patients with their dental requirements. Dental disorders are on the rise possibly due to changing food habits and poor oral hygiene. We also offer expert treatment for disorders which require Faciomaxillary treatment as well.


Filling/ Restoration

Filling of teeth by tooth colour material


         -  Removal Of Calculus, Plaque And Stains

         -  Teeth Bleaching For Dental Fluorosis

         -  Polishing Of Teeth

         -  Treatment Of Weakened Periodontum Due To Diabetes By Flap Surgery

Replacement of missing teeth

       -  Removable Denture, 

       -  Fixed Denture

       -  Implant Denture

Root canal treatment

Clip treatment


       -  All Types Of Extraction Including Surgical Removal Of Third Molars

Cosmetic Dentistry


Our Consultants

  • Dr. K. Jesudoss