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  Breakfast right to achieve fitness goal

You've set a fitness goal, now fuel up with the right breakfast to achieve it

Breakfast  quite literally means breaking the fast. Thus, starting the day with a healthy breakfast is imperative. The most essential meal of the day ensures that your body has stored sufficient energy for the day's activities and also makes sure that your metabolic rate functions smoothly. Skip breakfast and chances are that you will be binging the entire day and will end up over-eating. However, one must consume the right food depending on the fitness goal. Here are some healthy breakfast choices, which you could incorporate in your diet.


If you are trying to build muscle, opt for high-protein breakfasts such as egg-white omelettes, or eat a bowl of boiled pulses. Avoid those tasteless protein shakes, unless you want to bulk up your biceps. Eating a highprotein breakfast combined with complex carbohydrates such as legumes, vegetables, bread (multigrain or whole wheat) idli-sambhar and cereals, and high fats such as muffins, butter croissants, donuts and biscuits. A combination of such as meal will get the body into an anabolic state, which helps increase metabolism and build muscle.


People who are running a marathon tend to eat less in the mornings. You have to build physical stamina and need sufficient reserves to sustain it. Eat food that release energy slowly to keep you going. You also need to supply your brain with energy for mental stamina. Aim for a 1,000 to 1,500 calorie breakfast and this is most easily achieved with a combination of wholemeal bread with butter and eggs. Oatmeal is a slow release food. Make porridge and eat it with a sweet fruit such as banana, add a little honey for more sweetness and a pinch of cinnamon, which is an effective anti-inflammatory. Eat a platter of fruits to store some extra energy.

After the completion of a strenuous workout, you need to get your body back on track. You need carbohydrates to refuel your muscles, protein to help repair damaged muscles and potassium-heavy foods to replenish lost electrolytes (far better done with solid foods rather than drinks). Fish and rice is an excellent option. Dried fruits such as raisins and dried apricots are high in potassium. Keeping your fluid level up is vital, so drink lots of water and fruit juices.

Weight watchers

Many people think that they will lose weight faster by skipping breakfast, but the reverse is true. Eating less food will slow the body metabolism, which will make it harder for your body to burn fat. You will also end up gorging on sugar rich foods to acquire instant energy. Weight loss requires eating a healthy breakfast. Go for a bowl of cereals with milk. Eat a vegetable omelette, poha, upma, idli, or dosa along with a fruit platter. Eat whole fruits as they are rich in fibre. Occasionally, you can eat a bowl of sheera. When you are trying to lose weight, ensure that you eat most of your carbohydrates in the mornings.

Weight wanters

In order to gain weight, you obviously need to eat more calories than your body burns. Eating a heavy breakfast is essential. Oat meal in the morning will do. Granola and muesli bars are great alternatives since they contain similar amount of calories. Make sure you buy ones without added sugars. The more they come into their raw form, the better. Whole eggs with yolk are all right because dietary cholesterol doesn't influence blood cholesterol. Eat whole wheat bread with cheese - feta cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese or grated cheese such as pecorino and parmesan. Starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes, beans, lentils, yams also help in the weight gain process. Drink a glass of whole milk and eat a banana along with it. Drink fruit juices, as liquid calories digest faster than solid ones. Avoid weight gainers, as they have added sugars and preservatives.

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Breakfast right to achieve fitness goal
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